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Keeping you high and dry

Keeping you high and dry

Explore: NanoSphere | OEKO-TEX Certified | Organic | Denim

NanoSphere is the new concept in repellency coating using technology that was influenced by nature itself.

Water, oil, wine, food and other stain causing substances simply run off the surface due to it forming an un-adhesive structure.

Resulting in:

  • Higher repellency properties
  • Less water to absorb into fabric
  • Breathability allowing airflow for greater comfort
  • Performance upheld wash after wash
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Skin compatibility. Eco-friendly and so complies with the ban of the use of substances harmful to humans or the environment.

If you cannot trust the weather then trust NanoSphere. Keeping you drier.

If you cannot trust against accidental spills then trust NanoSphere. Keeping you cleaner.

If you want a supplier you can trust contact us now. Keeping you smarter.