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Corporate Wear

It is essential that you find a supplier that can offer a diverse, progressive, fashionable, sustainable and trustworthy product. We believe our knowledge, experience and trading history delivers this expertise. 

We can offer a variety of fabrics suitable for your needs such as polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, polyester/wool, 100% cottons, smart denims, stretch fabrics be it in yarn dyed, piece dyed, colour woven designs or prints.

With our vast experience of global sourcing we can deliver on time and to order ensuring problems that may be damaging to your business are avoided.

From design to delivery…

Whether your business is corporate, promotional, office, logistic clothing, school wear, outdoor, sportswear or security we can look after your needs from originating design to final delivery. We do our job enabling you to do yours.

Whatever your requirements our experienced staff can be of assistance. Contact us to enquire further or arrange a visit.

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