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Workwear Military Solutions

For military government departments there are stringent standards required for performance, durability, continuity and safety which are paramount for the effectiveness of military personnel. 

We offer the design and manufacture of bespoke products both for the military sector and for the commercial markets which includes naturewatch, high active outdoor pursuits and the fashion scene.

We carry a stock range of polyester/cotton and 100% cotton camouflage fabrics and can produce to full M.O.D. specification with I.R.R. (Infra Red Reflectance) resistant in various blends including nylon mixes, corespun and ripstop.

We are proud to have been one of a select few accredited suppliers to the British M.O.D for over 30 years and now produce for Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Fashion Camouflage

Composition: 100% Cotton Satin, with Water-Repellent / Stain Resist Nanotech Finish.

Weight: 280gsm

Width: 147/150 cms

Military Camouflage Apollo

Composition: 65% Polyester  35% Cotton 
Weight: 195gsm
Width: 150cms

Military Camouflage Misc

Military Camouflage Talisman

Composition: 65% Polyester  35% Cotton

Design: 8171X to Colourway MAT0001B Desert

Weight: 245 gsm

Width: 150 cms

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